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Case studies

Warm Knit UX/UI, Web Design

New Digital approach to the Warmowska’s brand, Warm Knit small manufacture in the Fashion industry.

Warm Knit Visual Identity

Kamila Warmowska has a brand, which, thanks to the connection of passion and love for nature, succeeded establish small manufacture.

Logo Selection

Collection of logos, logotypes and signs.

Igiełka Tailoring Salons

Rebranding for Igiełka tailoring salons, which running sewing rooms.


Logotype and small branding for construction company.


Set of logotypes for sportswear.

Dot and Dots

It’s a brand that helps you build personal image, one that specializes in styling and wardrobe management sector.


NASGO a digital cryptocurrency.

Idealnie Design Studio

The main scope of the services provided by Studio Idealnie is an interior design and landscaping design.


Premium Street & Sportswear.

Metsä Group

Family Coach Adriana Kwiatkowska

Adriana Kwiatkowska is a therapist working mainly with Polish immigrants in Belgium

Bednarczyk Lawyer Identity

Visual Identification

Personal Identity

Lettermark, initials creating logo. Based on Futura font.

Wenta Studio


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