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Warm Knit Visual Identity

Visual Identification, Web Design, Development

Graphic Design, Fashion, Web Design

Warm Knit

Consistent visual identification and webshop for Warm Knit, the fashion industry. Preferred warm gray and beige or natural colors as other values, avoid black. Brand mainly for young and middle-aged ladies. Design for something universal but unique. Subtle style and simplicity.
Kamila Warmowska has a brand, which, thanks to the connection of passion and love for nature, succeeded establish WARM KNIT small manufacture. Since always she liked crafts, but that knitting stole her heart mostly. Products are created with the highest quality natural yarns with Oeko-Tex®​​​​​​​ certificates. She cares to present original and timeless sweaters. The models that are presented to you are the ones that she’s willingly wears herself. It’s wonderful that with two eyelets you can create something unique.
Scope of work :

– Visual identity
– Web design 
– Development (WordPress, WooCommerce)
– Prints

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Photographies is property of Warm Knit
YEAR : 2020 – 2021